Humane Way

Humane Way Animal Traps offer effective solutions for humanely trapping troublesome pests. Our traps are safe for both humans and animals, and are quickly becoming the most trusted name in pest control solutions.


All models of Humane Way traps are built to tough, professional standards, and offer the highest quality features including:

  • Extremely simple baiting and operation
  • Super strong, positive door latch
  • Enclosed trap mechanics to prevent premature trips
  • Extra-wide, shielded handle for operator safety during animal transportation
  • Black powder-coated wire with a matte finish for extra strength and corrosion resistance
  • Double-wire mesh surrounding bait area
  • A variety of popular sizes to fit your needs

Humane Way traps arrive pre-assembled and are ready for immediate use. Our focus is to provide you a way to catch, transport and release your pests, while keeping you and your unwanted animals safe.

About Humane Way

Humane Way Live Animal Traps are proudly manufactured by DDI, Inc. Our traps are used worldwide, and are known for dependability and reliability. Humane Way traps were designed by professional trappers, but can be used by all.

Perfect for a large range of animals, Humane Way’s line of high quality animal traps are manufactured to rigorous professional standards, while being extremely amateur (and animal) friendly. As the actual manufacturer, we proudly stand behind our quality and total product integrity.


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