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Retail Products

Humane Way offers products for the homeowner and professional that are easy to use, and safe for both handler and animal. We offer several trap sizes to fit your needs.

We offer:

HUMANE WAY STANDARD TRAPS are our most economical traps, built professional tough and homeowner friendly. Features include:

  • Spring loaded gravity action door
  • Simple, safe and humane
  • Positive locking spring action door latch
  • Enlarged plate for better hand protection
  • Reinforced doors and latches to avoid wild animal’s escape
  • Galvanized, then black powder coated anti-glare for extra long life
  • All internal moving parts
MODEL# Description/Size   Approx. Weight
914040 Small 17"x5"x5" 4lbs.
914041 Intermediate 24"x8"x8" 10lbs.
914038 Medium 35"x11"x11" 12lbs.
914042 Large 42"x15"x15" 19lbs.

Click Here for a diagram of our pre-assembled traps.

Standard traps

HUMANE WAY EASY-UP FOLDING LINE include features such as:

  • From nearly flat to assembled in seconds - simple, fast, and no tools necessary
  • Compact for easy storage and transport
  • Spring loaded gravity action positive locking door mechanism
  • Galvanized, then black powder coated anti-glare for extra long life
  • Extra shielded carry handles and protected bait area
  • Easy-Up Pro is the most popular size in North America
  • Easy-Up Giant is the largest size that ships without UPS oversize charges
MODEL# Description/Size   Approx. Weight
914048 Easy-Up Pro 32"x11"x12" 14lbs.
914050 Easy-Up Giant 50"x24"x19" 42lbs.

Click Here for a diagram of our Easy-Up Pro collapsible trap, and here

Click Here for a diagram of our Easy-Up Giant collapsible trap.

Easy fold down Easy fold up


  • Safely capture troublesome pests without injury to you or animal
  • Sliding rear door for safe and simple transfer or release of captured animal
  • Spring loaded double action door mechanism
  • Shielded handle for safe moving of trap
  • Long lasting galvanized and powder coated wire
  • Easy to bait, set and release
  • We carry the most popular sizes in North America
MODEL# Description/Size   Approx. Weight
914061 Folded Size: 3.5"x12.5"x33" Open Size: 10"x12"x32" 13lbs.
914062 11"x11"x35"   12lbs.
914067 Pigeon Trap 28"x24"x8" 9lbs.

Rear Release Folded Rear release up
Pigeon trap  

Size info

Small: Smaller animals including squirrels, chipmunks and other small rodents.

Intermediate: Small to medium size animals including smaller rabbits (hares) and groundhogs.

Medium: Mid-size rodents including average size raccoons, larger rabbits, feral cats and skunks.

Large: Larger mammals including larger raccoons, skunks, armadillos and stray dogs.

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